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tropEd is an international network of member institutions for higher education in international/global health from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. tropEd provides postgraduate opportunities for education and training contributing to sustainable development. It focuses on improving the management of health services for disadvantaged populations. The innovative approach is based on mobility of people, the exchange of experiences in different disciplines and the establishment of a common standard in education and training.

The concept of tropEd was initiated in the early 90s. In 1996, the tropEd European Network for Education in International Health was founded and the first tropEd General Assembly meeting was held in January that year. In 2003, tropEd was registered as an association in Germany. Since 2005, tropEd expanded the network globally through incorporating partner higher education institutions from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

International/Global Health

International/Global Health is a discipline that systematically compares factors that affect the health of all human populations with a special focus on poverty-related health problems in low- and middle-income countries. International/Global Health includes the promotion of health, prevention and treatment of diseases and rehabilitation. Knowledge, skills and the ability to critically analyse and draw implications for practice related to the major endemic diseases, health systems research, health economics, health policy and management of health services are essential.

Masters programme in International/Global Health

The degree programme is offered across tropEd member institutions and characterised by a unique synergy of experience and expertise of leading institutions all over the world. It prepares people to work more effectively in a multicultural environment by exposing them to multiple perspectives and offers a flexible structure with the world-wide recognition of education. The programme is open to students world-wide. The modular programme for full-time or part-time study consists of an introductory core course, specialised optional modules and a research project submitted as a thesis. It is intended for completion within a minimum of one year (full-time) up to a maximum of five years (part-time).

Career Opportunities

A large number of trans-national organisations and national development agencies strive to overcome the obstacles to gaining global health. Besides these there are non-governmental organisations of all types, including religious agencies or independent groups, universities and other specialised academic settings as well as a growing number of private for-profit or nonprofit consulting firms. All of these organisations need qualified personnel with formal training in International/Global Health. for job searching please click here

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